Eyca Moticska



Eyca was born and raised in Caracas-Venezuela. She moved to Merritt Island, Florida in 1997.

Eyca started pottery as an apprentice to local artist Greg Wooten in 2003, and began her own business in 2006. She joined the artist Harry Guthrie Phillips in their pottery-sculpture studio-gallery in 2010. With his influence, she is incorporating sea life into her pieces and increased her love for marine sculpture. Self taught, she started incorporating glass into common pottery items, creating beautiful pieces. Eyca sketches out ideas and makes them come to life. She throws them on a wheel, trims, puts them together,  decorates and bisque fires, then glazes and glaze fires to 2400 degrees.  On some of them she adds glass and other materials. All pieces are fully functional, safe, and durable to use in the oven, microwave, and dishwasher.  
Eyca enjoys creating pieces that are functional and decorative with a unique design.